About Gippsland Body Builders

Gippsland Body Builders was established in Warragul, Victoria in 1976 as a general body builder. In 1985 the business was taken over by Brian Golding and Danny Worrall and now specialize in tipping bodies ranging from rigid tippers to road train spec semi trailers in both steel and aluminium, chassis tip and tip over axle.

Gippsland Body Builders custom build to customer requirements, we are happy to talk about any requirement that is needed, and to design bodies and trailers to meet specific needs.

In mid 1995 Gippsland Body Builders built a special boggie-boggie B-Double that was the first 19mt B-Double built in Victoria. In early 1997 Gippsland Body Builders built their first tri-axle step deck semi tipper as a “B” trailer to reduce over loading problems with B-Double combinations and for a lower centre of gravity for safer tipping.

Gippsland Body Builders now build step deck and sloping floor tippers in both chassis and tip over axle, aluminium chassis tipping “A” and ”B” trailers, road train spec “A” and “B” trailers,  and road train dollies etc.

Gippsland Body Builders can build with all types of steel, aluminium & stainless steel. We also  build with all brands of axle, suspension, hoist etc to suit customer requirements. Gippsland Body Builders has a reputation for building the lowest tare weight trailers without compromising strength or durability.

Gippsland Body Builders is also renowned for its quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

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