GBB Body Liners

If you want to reduce tipping angle and body wear, Body Liners are the perfect product. Reducing the tipping angle required for the load to discharge greatly increases safety when unloading by minimizing the risk of rollovers. While improving unloading time and safety Body Liners helps protect the body from damage & wear.

These liners are secured in the body by our personal GBB “Z” section aluminium extrusion that can be either welded or Huck bolted.

We are also able to install these liners in step deck trailers as we have the appropriate machinery to plastic weld the joins.

We can install these as part of new truck/trailer builds or fit them to your existing truck or trailer body.

Get in contact with us at Gippsland Body Builders for more information on GBB Body Liners or any other combination enquiries!